U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2002-05-17 01:44:22 (UTC)


OMG, life has been so great these past few weeks. This
senior has been doing his senior project with walton(I know
2 sexy guys in the same place all the time... I know makes
me tingle too)well anyway his name is paul, he's like 6 ft,
umm blond, blue eyes,like sky blue, he has really defined
cheek bones, and perfect teeth, and his eyes are soo
pretty, it almost looks like he has on eyeliner(no not in a
gay way).... he is so fucking hott. well anywa today I was
sitting across from him in lunch, like just eating and I
look up,and he's looking at me and i smiled and he mouthed
something to me, but i didn't understand so I just smiled
and shrugged,lol. But then I walked by, and I caught him
totally checking out my ass(I was wearing a really short
red skirt) but hey it's all good.Then today at the track
meet he looked soo good, and I was like talking to him, but
not really, he's going out with my friend....I forgot to
mention that..and well she's nice, but it's a death threat
if i even touched him soooo it's a no-no, but its nice to
dream. He was saying kinda flirty stuff, and all my friends
weer laughing at me, cuz I was acting like a teenage girl
in luv...Hey I am, heehee. Today it was so funny, meg
thinks he likes her better then me, but today he walked
right by her, then said good luck to me......OHH GOD I luv
him. If he like wanted to hook up with me, hands down I
would. In 2 seconds, I would be proud to lose my virginity
to him,lol...JK guys. I strongly beleive in abstinence
seriously, I just think he's really hott, it's lust..
ohh well ttyl diary
mood: sappy (I am listning to the romeo and juliet
soundtrack, which reminds me of Cancun, which reminds me of
music: thats obvious