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2002-05-17 01:43:54 (UTC)

3 day later.....short, fat, lonely,defenceless

Well, 3 days since he wrote me last, i won't take it
personally though. it's crazy, I have written 4 more songs
today, 1 of them was about him. See I'm very upset with how
things are going at school these days....but thought of
chipmunk, make me really happy...I'm still overweight and
I'm trying to lose this weight, I started a diet today..I
hope it works, I work about too, I do 300 calories on the
eliptipcal, 1.5 miles on the treadmill going up hill at the
highest incline, 10 miles on the bike, and then I do
weights, and the slider thing thing for five mitniues. I
hope that all my exserive and such works. maybe now I can
be more agressive, and not just short and fat more strpnger
aganist myself so can beat people who are in my way but
that would make me feel better. Sometimes this one girl
drive me nuts...she's such a hypocrite but is never mean to
me to my face, I want to tell her be mean to my face, so I
can sock u for it, I'm sick of getting pushed around..and I
will never let myself get pushed around ever again it's
really bad to let people do that to me...and I'm trying to
learn to stop. Did u see friends.....I can't believe
it.........If u didn't see It i don't wanna wreaked i'm in
complete shock don't miss the last few
mintiues...please..it's just changed it forever. I have to
go..my friend is on the phone tommorrow SHOPPING

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