Cruel Intentions
2001-06-08 15:28:50 (UTC)

Ok.. its not fun with frank..

Ok.. its not fun with frank anymore, hes obsessed... its ew
*lol* damn, he makes me feel sick, like one of those creepy
guys u cross the street to avoid. He always says how sexy i
am.. but not just that he *drools* over me.. and tells me.
is that supposed to impress me? i dont wanna know.. hes
just some stupid geek that has me as his fantasy, and
franky,(excuse the pun) its starting to give me the
creeps.. still i guess its my own fault, i started it.. not
like it was hard or anything.. it never is. ugh, but its
annoying!! hes always trying to kiss me n shit.

Frank2982: *hugs and kotl* hehe its almost noon here :-)
vengefulangel7: no kissing on the lips frank
Frank2982: oops sorry
Frank2982: it slipped
vengefulangel7: yeah...
vengefulangel7: nite frank

see? damn, its just a stupid game and he has to get all
obsessed on me *lol* btw, he thinks hes better than u sab..

Frank2982: *whispers* im better than sabastian any way hehe

hm.. so hes obsessed an deluded.. think we could push him
over the edge? see.. maybe im getting to evil for my own
good.. but i dunno, im bored with these lil boys groveling
at my feet, i wanna PLAAAAAYYYYY.... maybe i wanna change
the aim of the game.. i dont wanna break his heart, i wanna
break him. *evil laugh* wanna fuck up his life? Im sure it
would be fun, and its only frank, not like its anyone who
matters.. hes a geek, he has no freinds, he wouldnt be
missed. a good starting point.

*seductive look* come on sabastian... entertain me..