Jena's Rants
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2001-06-08 14:50:16 (UTC)

this is the end, my only friend the end.

Where is my suitcase??? I wanna leave, and i can't find
my suitcase. I have decided to abandon planet earth.
Ziptercon is calling me home. Please throw your trash in
the proper waste receptacle so that it can be transferred
to an area where they will just throw it all over the
ground and form a huge moutain of garbage. Isn't that
funny? No, it's ironic! Hey, who said that? Damnit!!!
Where in the hell does my inner voice get off tying to
correct itself. You know if it really cared it would not
let me sound stupid in the first place, but no I have to
have a destructive inner voice that likes to embarrass me
at social functions and it makes me talk candidly about
personal topics and then invite those whose opinions I
would care about least to make suggestions about how I can
improve myself and my life. Fuck! That is it. I quit.


Endowed with these qualities:
* good (no amazing) sense of humour
* loyalty to me until the bitter end.
* will not bother my conscience with trivial things
like my drug use/guilt about murder or lying/or that i
cheated on my S.A.T.'s and that is why I got such a high
* will always have great come-back lines
* will always have a steady stream of amazingly
believable lies that everyone will buy into
* mind control capabilities (over others, not me)
* must be cheap!

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