my pathetic life
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2002-05-17 00:13:59 (UTC)

im naked!

you like my title? thought so, i was wondering if anyone
actualy read this thing and i thought that title might get
peoples attention? i guess it worked if YOU are reading
this. ah-hahaha!!

well anywho, todays entry is going to pretty pointless, i
can feel it in my bones. well today in health class we
wernt doing anything (cuz it was fucking health) so i was
just sitting there. my friend called me over to listen 2
these pantera guitar rifts. was just sitting there enjoying
some music and my friend alex comes and sits on my desk.
(we have the desks where the chair and desk are connected)
he started to bounce up and down and the whole chair was
wobeling, i was afriad the desk was gona break. then he
starts asking me to give hima back massage, eww no. o
personaly HATE massages, i cant stand them, im really
tickleish so they are just extremly uncomfortable. so he
starts leaning back on me and then he decides to lay down,
so im just sitting there squished between him and the desk.
if it wasnt bad enough then he lays on me, im about to fall
out of the chair so i tried to sit back up, but it was
kinda useless with a boy ontop of me. so i gave up and let
go, i was laying there with my butt in the chair and my
head and shoulders on the ground and a boy laying ontop of
me. yeah and he just stayed there for a lil while, didnt
bother to get off me. yeeah fun times, fun times.
*see i warned you it was going to be pointless*

"so ill look the other way, and ill turn a deafened ear,
and ill talk of distant lands. pretend i was never here"

^great, great band