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2002-05-16 22:40:26 (UTC)

I got to see erik last night!!!..

I got to see erik last night!!! lol yay! at church! It was
great cuz before i left he gave me a hug and everyone was
just like awwww lol and i turned like bright red but its
all good cuz i love gettin hugs from him!! And i'm goin
over there sometime this weekend so hopefully that'll be
fun but its never been just me n him before.. so i'm kinda
scared cuz yea i'm not all that experienced with the whole
being in a relationship thing. Ahhh lets just hope i dont
screw anything up! haha right! o.k. well school sucks but
at least its almost over! Gosh i just can't wait for summer
break! Yea I'm kinda like in this position where sometimes
i just don't know wat to do and i wish i was one of those
ppl with really good words and can convince ppl to do
things one way or the other but its just soo hard cuz i'm
totally against the whole drug and drinking thing and it
hurts to see friends doing it and u just can't stop em...
if you try to make em stop then they get mad but if you
don't... well then thats just like giving up on them! And
i'm kinda already used to some of my guy friends doing it..
yea they've gone through the whole i'ma quit for a while
thing... hasn't actually ahppened yet.. but now another
girl.. well shes not like a really close friend but shes
one of my only friends in my gym class and she said that
her, and 2 other girls and some guys are gonna go get high
this weekend.. and she just doesn't seem like that type but
its just like gosh! Why does everyone hafta do this! And i
knw to a lot of ppl its not really a big deal... yea know
its not like pots gonna do a lot of damage long term as
long as you don't do soemthing totally stupid while ur high
and that ur gonna be low on money... but its jsut like
theres no reason for it! And some ppl think i'm like a
goody goody person but ooo well cuz i'm just against that
and its not like i won't be friends with ppl who do it.. i
just don't approve of it i guess and ooo I dont know but my
diary is tons more boring than most ppl who actually have
this stuff going on in their life but i type much faster
than i write and i gotta have somewhere to just get out
everything i have inside of me! O.k. well thats about allll
tahts been going on sooo bye!

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