Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-08 12:35:35 (UTC)

Hate mail and the word bitch!

I got some hate mail today. Im so happy!!!
I hate that fact that it was hella ignorant ass ramblings
though and it just showed me once again that people are
often quick to speak before they think. But ill probly
never know cause of course the weak fucker couldnt leave an
email adress. Heres a tip creep be a man in life and if you
got somthing to say have a little pride in it and put your
name on it.
Second yes I happen to know a little bit about
capitalism,socialism and communism.The text book definitions
and all that Idealist shit they write in those skinhead
pamphlets or where ever you get you info.
heres the low down bitch
capitialism is a system in where all things, production and
dustribution are privatly owned.
meaning I work i get paid I work harder i get paid more my
money my choices, in biz it means I choose where and who I
sell my products to and for how much.
and Im sorry if you thimk monopolys are bad and you see it
the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
Thats weak ass self pity shit excuses for why your life
sucks type shit.In the true heart of capitialism.
Go to school make your knowledge be more than others and
you shall be worth more,work harder its a perfectly legeit
system the problem Im shure you see and keeps you from
being a fan is you actully have to work.somthing Im shure
you know nothing about.
Socialism is a theory, ownership and operation of
production and distribution by society, with every one
shareing in the work and production.
Its a pipe dream asshole first of all youll never get
everyone to share in the work, but hence this is why I
speak of america and its socialist views.If there ever was
a form of socialism or marksism that worked youd see some
poeple working so hard and others doing the bare minimal
yet they would be in the same class be worth the same what
kinda shit is that. Oh and for those who dont know anything
of what I speak its been tryed a few times and the movment
is never ending. But yet has never come to play out
So heres where Im at, I work hard as do many other peole
and our money at least 50% usally more if you include all
the taxes we pay on everything gas property smokes what ever
is taking by the goverment. or shall we say societys
representitives and devided up amongst the masses.
Grants loans welfare health care all these things for the
masses. Not really the masses though if your think about
it not the rich wheres there cut. Oh they already live well
and isnt that it we all have to live the same in your
little socialist view.
So yeah I might be way off base about who you are but I
guess Ill never know considering you werent po-light enuff
to leave and adress to speak with you.
Next though were not all born equil this I know and is
that fair no I guess not but its what happens after
that.That really counts the choices we make on where we
want to end up. Ask a lawyer who was raised in compton
born in the fucking heart of the getto and broke who worked
two jobs to get through and now makes 200,000Gs a year.
Since you said you were about to watch some riki lake
why dont you watch some oprah or a woopi flick both people
who seem to have been born with the seemily most
discriminating sircumstances or so I keep being told be the
media.Their wemon,thier black,and they were both born poor.
Last but not least let me refer to you as a bitch once
Heres the low down again bitch.
You dont know really anything about me that I work I vote
or how much time I spend actully involved with trying to
change things.
So now heres an invite anytime you think you can hold a
conversation with me I wont say debate though cause then Id
feel the need to mentaly and verbaly lash you.On politcal
views or Ideas or pretty much any heavy topic you can think
of you know life, love, the loss of god,moons, stars,
quazars,what ever. Well except spelling of course you have
a totaly valid point there I have to agree.
Anyway with love and absolutly no respect

PS please keep the hate mail comming I love it.
Just please leave an email adress or else just save it
cause Ive got a five year old neice whos got more heart
than you. Bitch!