SuGaR RuSh
2002-05-16 22:07:31 (UTC)

its gunna b a long summer...

2day was pretty good...hmm..jeff gave me the condom 2 give
2 kate and i gave it 2 her on the bus and she almost p'd
her self she was laughin SOO hard it was great hmmm..after
skool me n callie walked 2 get marks that
was a work out in a 1/2..lordy..then we "layed out" we
didnt really cuz all of the suddent the sun decides 2 go
away so ya it was just us in our bathin suits layin on the we walked down 2 her moms
cost $50 2 get what i want done w/ my hair geeeeez!....oh
ya i have 3 goals 4 the summer...the 1st is 2 b i want a flat stomach...then...the utha 1 is
to run everyday..almost...i dun think i can EVERYDAY...and
the last 1 is hmm..i 4got lolol...oh well..hmm..its gunna b
a long summer...i have a feeling its gunna b really bad
2...i think im gunna get a jobb @ the mall and then i could
just go in w/ my mom n stuff...dat would b nice... well im
out byezzz


oh gettin a lovely 36% in french :)