Jena's Rants
2001-06-08 12:30:00 (UTC)

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor........

Ohmigosh, why am I so damn happy lately. I really have to
find something to be depressed about!!! Really, all this
smiling and junk really curbs my creative edge.
Hopinononefoot will be home Sunday morning - YAH!!!!!
Uhmm... what else, me and the Twisted Sister may have some
plans tonight. I am anticipating Honeydew tonight as
well. Hopefully I will be able to attend. Oh, tomorrow is
Starscape. I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah, i love
it, it makes me happy!!! Okay, I am over it. You will
have no more unusually happy outburst from me - PROMISE.
Talked with one of those guys on the bus today, and from my
experience with these conversations with random people I
meet all over - I have come to the conclusion that everyone
does drugs!!!!!!!!!!! Either that or the coppers have
found me and they are staking me out and these random
people I meet are actually narcs and now I am fucked. Nah,
that only happens in the movies. Actually, I was wondering
why that Ice Cream truck never moves off of my street.
They don't usually come equipped with like satellite
looking thingys all over the roof either, do they?
Hmmm.........this may be my something to be depressed
about - the inevitability of prison.