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2001-06-08 12:19:41 (UTC)


We started painting the house last week..We got it done in
two days..About ten hours..It sure was fun.....Yesterday we
painted the garage...I hated it!! But it sure does look
nice..Steve is going to paint the doors lavender...Life is
to short let him paint the doors any color that he wants to
I say....He did want to paint them sunshine yellow...It's
raining right now it's a good thing that we got the
painting done yesterday..Our neighbors are moving
out...They have been moving for three days...I cann't wait
for them to be going..That family of liers..I wonder who
they will be cheating next...They just don't get it....We
have not had much work lately...I hope that Steve will get
out there and get some now that the house is painted...We
work in construction..My hand is still going to sleep..It
sure does make it hard to type...I just wish that it would
stop for even a couple of days....I'm so sick of it!!!!
Three people wrote to me...I was sure suprised...Thanks you
to those that wrote...