GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
2002-05-16 20:39:54 (UTC)

still a bad hair day!!!!!

well i still have my hair looking like crap! i tried to dye
it again and it looks a lot better but it still looks red!
i still like chris a whole lot! he is so sweet and i kind
of thinks that he likes me back but i have no idea! well
tommorrow afternoon i am going to my moms hair stylist and
getting my hair back to its normal color and then high
lighted! i am pretty excited about that even though it
costs a fortune. but i dont give a crap! lol! well i hope
that chris asks me out cuz if he is then that means that he
cares about mean a lot. i hope. anyways if he does that
means that i can break up w/ madison. but if he doesnt then
i will just stay w/ madison. i mean i totally like chris
way more than madison and if chris asked me out then i
would date him but if he didnt then madison would still
like me. does anyone see anythign wrong with that?