Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-05-16 20:28:24 (UTC)

Knight in shining armor

I wrote this at least three or four weeks ago and figured I
might as well type them here:

You know, I've always wanted my prince charmng to come an
sweep me off of my feet. Ever since I was little, I'd picture
this tall good looking guy with not too long not too short
shaggy dirty blonde hair, and peircing blue eyes. With all
the wit and charm I wish I had and a layed back, relaxed
sarcastic sense of humor. I can picture him with some sort of
accent. I wanted him to appear, and I would see him in a
crowd or walking through a cloud of steam and into my life.
Pretty much what I'm getting at is that this person doesn't
exist and I am a completely hopeless romantic for EVER
thinking it would and who hasn't had a date in months. I know
this person doesn't exist and that nowadays it's nearly
impossible to really find Mr. Right- but HELL! I can't even
find a Mr. Right Now! I've always wanted to be cinderella and
have someone appear, and sweep me off of my feet. This is
very unlikely to happen. But I like to think it could. =)