2001-06-08 10:19:22 (UTC)

Lobster House

We'll just returned home from another day of work...
Yes, another lonely day. But I felt so special
that I had missed 13 calls. Come to find out
a very good friend of mines known as "Biggie"
his mom had passed away. So my condolences go out
to him.

We'll today at work wasn't so bad after all...I figured
I minus we'll speak to Alan nothing more than co-workers
and it seems so much easier to work. But the only sad
thing is Chris is still out to sea and I still haven't
recieved any email or anything what so ever..=(
Answering machine is blank as always...unless its that
daym 24 hr. fitness trying to call...but I think Alan is
such a cute stupid fool...and the remarks he makes its so
hilarious...he always gives this certain look when i
acutally spoke to him...n i was suprised he actually helped
me out...thinking positive is a way better thing than

Overall still seem lost as hell...I would really love to
have something to look forward to when coming home...or
seeing in the morning...just miss the
relationship...through-out all my relationships the only
time we'd argue is when we call it over thats it...other
than that its a total bliss which i really miss....

I guess now I'll cook some hot pocket drink some coffee and
listen to some eric bennett...daym i need to shave

oh shiesh here we go another
some luck huh...this dude i swear..only calls once in a
blue moon for one thing..but i can' ill just probably
not answer his call...oh shiet here goes another ruined
night...debating if i want to be alone i think i
should..stick to my plans..i really wanna go jogging
tomorrow morning...its so nice to do that.. okay enough for