a freak with a heart
2002-05-16 20:12:38 (UTC)

Day and Night

The Difference from Day and Night

Day and night
different as they come.
Both glorious times of day
offering gifts to the earth.

the earth loves both, yet
can not pick between one.
both spend equal time in her grace
and bring a glow to her heart

the night, all dark and mysterious
as it is, wraps it's gifts
around the earth protecting it
and keeping it safe from harm

the dark has always seen the earth
when others would pass by,
not taking time to gaze upon such
beauty. yet the beauty was for ever within

the day, warm and caring
loving and enchanting although
different from the night in every way,
just as wanted in her heart.

faced with a decision, she must pick
among the mysterious seeing night,
or the loving changing day!
fighting a battle at heart she turns away...

she knows she could never live without
the day, for the day is how she lives.
growing and changing by the hand
of it's love for her.

guiding her and holding her
along as the time goes by.
never leaving her side until
day fades away.

although night has always
had a place in her heart
she knows deep down it would never be!
the night is a nice change and a friendly sight

but never could make her as happy as
she should be....never as happy
as the glowing day. the earth and day one
as the come, can never be parted in any way.

the place that the night once held
is gone, but in her heart the earth
shall never forget. for the day and night
may never be the same.

may never be one. she weeps for the
night and cries for the day, for the difference is...
what she has chosen is what she
always wanted in her heart.

there never was a
problem in choosing the day from
night. the problem was in the earth, she
couldn't see the night in the day
although it was always there.