2002-05-16 19:43:01 (UTC)

Honesty, Part Deux

Hi me, how am I?..ohh good good, that's great...well enough
about me, let's write about me...this journal belongs to me
of course. So I went to school today in a really good mood.
I had my whole be honest thing happening and the day was
great. Except for one part of the day, well one particular
person. It's not like it was their fault at all, cuz it
wasn't. It wasn't really anybodies fault, although I blame
myself tremendously. I just wish we could be friends, but
if he feels he needs to ignore me, or something along those
lines, so be it. I'll never get over it, but i'll find a
way to handle it. I hope he goes on with his life and finds
a really great person to be with, because he deserves it.

On another note we had a jeopardy thing at school today, 4
schools, a bazillion questions, and at the end of the day
my school had a score of zero! hehehe....well we came back
up from I guess zero is good? It's neutral, not
a winner, not a loser...kind of a boring place to be.
well i'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard fill in the blank.