Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-05-16 19:13:52 (UTC)

no computer make eric something something

ok, well, last weekend my modem got toasted, so i took i
tin to get fixed, they said it might be ready the end of
the week. im going crazy w/ out the net. Dad brought me
home his labtop, which was really cool of him. but he only
brought the adapter for the ethernet card, and not the
modem card. so i still dont have the net at home, im at myt
g-mas right now. she was kind enough to let me come over
nad bum her comp for awhile. well, yesterday i woke up, on
the couch yet again. and mom was packing her bags,
apparently she left for california this morning. odd, i
knew nothing about it until she started telling me things
im gonna have to do while shes gone. she took her car to
the airport, which pisses me off, cuase she got a new one
tuesday, a 2000 impala, i gotta test drive it, and its a
sweet ride. well, i have an hour until i gotta go to work,
hope it goes better tonight than last night. such a long
nihgt, the machine i was running was having problems, and
we couldnt figure it out, so my supervisor, whose in the
mill dept. came over, and starting fooling w/ it while me
and the other guy(the only 2 lathe ops.) were talking. all
the sudden we hear a really loud CA-CHUNK! the unmistakable
sound of my machine breaking something. not onlydid the
super break the part, but he broke one of the tools in the
machine. which i had to rebuild. it took about 2 hours to
finally get my machine running again. like i said,
hopefully tonight goes better, and quicker. im looking
forward to this weekend, because w/ my mom gone, dad wont
give a shit what i do, and it not like hes around to yell
at me anyways, hes either asleep or at work. whats really
weird though is before my mom left, she was asking me about
my drinking habits, she knew i drank, she just couldnt
figure out where i was doing it at, and when i told her the
bar up town she about shit. maybe i'll go up there this
weekend, im done w/ school now, so as long as im sober by 3
pm, its all good. well, im ognna head out now, so peace yall