the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-05-16 18:05:59 (UTC)

happiness is two kinds of ice cream

ok im going crazy i went to sleep last night in the
greatest mood of all time and i woke up in an even better
mood now how does that work :)
oh yeah AINT LOVE GRAND patience is definitely a virtue
that i possess i decided last night after he was a little
late to call his dads where he had left from to find out if
he was really coming and his dad was like dont worry
sweetie hes on his way
and like 5 minutes after that he showed up
im so excited things are so different like he wants to go
do things that involve me and last night my belly was
growling so we went to taco bell at like 11:30 and he
bought me food
and the best part even though i know it may not seem like a
big deal to some but HE CAME TO ME none of my boyfriends
other than him have ever came to see me like when we dated
before and he didnt have a car he either borrowed his aunts
truck or he MADE his friend bring him to me
i dont know im just so happy like there are things that i
have done in the past like my little temper tantrums of him
not showing up or whatnot and last night instead if him
getting mad he laughed at me and then kissed me and said
that he was sorry but that he really did want to see me
tuesday night but that he fell asleep and i know its not
just an excuse thats whats so great hes really sincere
ok before you kill me for making you listen to this im
gonna go but i was about to burst so i had to talk to
someone and i knew you would listen
have a GRRRRRREAT! day

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