2002-05-16 16:57:00 (UTC)

yay for phone cards

hm awake.
today is going to be strange.
i can feel it already.
something is off.
i dont know what it is.
im drinking a cold coke and a strawberry and cream cheese
toaster strudle.
i have to leave for work fairly soon.
i hope phyllis isnt there.
im over her and her bitchiness.
im supposed to see sergio right after work today.
he went and saw the pet shop boys yesturday with christina a
im jealous.
but whatever i wouldnt have wanted to go all the way to
melbourne anyway.
it was hard falling asleep last night without talking to
but, i managed.
i was really fucking tired.

aw how cute is she. =)

yeah we definetly need to start thinking about this road
trip a bit i beleive.
its so soon.
thats so great.
i need to get out of florida.

time for work.