crackheads thoughts
2002-05-16 15:44:35 (UTC)

omg this is just crazy

well i just got my test done not long ago and i think that
i passed it which i have 2 2 pass i think. but i just
posted on jennys livejournal. i said so u like brandon and
ur going out with ur cousin...thats just great...fron
someones best friends cousin. this is gonna be great.which
it will prolly make brandon mad but who cares. on brandons
live journal it says in bog bold green letters i love you
brandon from...S.O.V.S. i think that its jenny but i dunno
i will find out sooner or later well im gonna go so that i
wont get in trouble over this whole thing. i really dont
wonna go 2 4th b/c i 4got my notebook and my reading book
so im gonna get in trouble in 4th anyway. but i gots 2 go i
have done made one person mad 2 day JENNY!!!!

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