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2002-05-16 14:13:49 (UTC)


Well I decided not to go to work today. I don't feel
worse, I just want to stay home and try to get better. My
head just won't break up. I always get this feeling when
I'm sick that I can't remember what its like to feel good.
I'm still hoping to see you on Saturday so don't count me
out just yet. In fact, you are one of the reasons I called
in sick. I want to see you so much that I wanna make sure
to take the time to get better. I'm just gonna sleep all
day and when I'm not doing that, I'm gonna pop in a video
and just lay there and watch it. Would you be sad if I
didn't make it Saturday? I know I would be. Its easy to
say that we will have our time together, but I like sooner
rather than later. Anyway, I guess thats all I'll say
today. I would say more about some other things, but
they're not all that important today. Miss you, hope I get
better today. BYE!!!

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