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2002-05-16 11:33:05 (UTC)

A Fresh Start

So it's about 7:20 in the morning on Thursday, May I actually know the date for once...and I just
erased all my previous entries cuz I wanna start anew. I
have that damn Incubus lyric stuck in my head "choose anew,
please evolove, take flight" I love it. I love Incubus. I
love Brandon Boyd. Anyways, I dealt with something
yesterday and it didn't exactely make me feel that happy or
accomplished, but it had to be done. Then I decided that I
never want to be in that situation or any other situation
like it again, which in turn made me realize that from now
on i'll have to be upfront and brutally honest towards
everybody and anybody. I don't really like this idea because that
means people will be able to see all sides of me, and there's only a
few people who actually know the real me...I don't even know the real
me. This is quite the task i've set out for myself. Now i've gotta go
to school and see if honesty really is the answer.

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