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2002-05-16 04:44:17 (UTC)

Another day - really sunny days

Wednesday was another day in paradise. I was in another
town of my big city. Some people ever dream and live their
dreams. I would see it if I had more trust in present
I saw Mel yesterday night. She was there like she was.
Pet dog is with a doctor and its friend other dog is sad.
It was howling in other street. I went to see it. It became
izzy after played with me. It took a rest.
Now the morning is comming and another day. Without thoughts
I will take a better day for me and for my friends. And
new good things would come. Maybe other people know me and
they would like to meet me. They would say that it is nice to meet me.
I will be myself. And better they deserved my company and to be happy because I am good. Life it is not the worse things.
But there is happiness to know people and pets like me.
Streets of my home town the beginning of good things for
truly friends. Hopefull people and nice pets and a better