Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
2002-05-16 06:18:50 (UTC)

back here again.....

Current Music: 'Chop Suey' by System of a Down

I'm sad.....
I would give anything to get back with my crush.....
This sucks so bad.......I've tried so hard to get over him
but I can't.....I have to see him EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's
complete torture. He asked me to go over to his house
tomorrow night, I'm not sure if he actually meant it
though....he was probably just ripped or sumthin.

*sniff sniff* :(

I'm need of some serious cheering up. My friends must be
getting sick of me being so depressed all the time. I can't
help it though. I've been sad ever since Michael dumped

Slipknot.....Left Behind.....kick ass...i luv this song...

I should probably be studying for two tests that I have
tomorrow but I can't be fucked right now. I'm still too
messed up. Fuck it.

Shit. I have so much to say, it's just so hard to put
everything into words though. I need to start writing more
poems, I don't have enough time though. I guess I'll just
have to make some then.

In fact, I'll make some time right now. I'll post the poem
once I've finished it.

Bye Bye for now