The Daily Babble
2001-06-08 04:50:02 (UTC)

What a Day!

Well this entry's supposed to be for Thursday, but its so
late the day might say Friday! =-)

But anyways....on to my day...

My morning class consisted of watching TWO hour long videos
on Thomas Edison! Fun stuff. But I sat in the back row
drinking a coolatta and munching on my bagel to stay
awake..though I think I dozed off here and there. :-)

Work was hell! I help out Doctor Carney who's an
orthopedic surgeon...HE's really cool but he's got a lotta
patients that I have to help with.
Plus I finally actually met my boss Muhammed today. He's
pretty cool and he told me that I won't have to be doing
all of this after next week so I'm relieved. But we'll see
what happens cuz they still have to find someone else to do
what I do. But if they do find someone, then I might even
get a pay raise!

So I finally left work at quarter to 5 and hit some traffic
on Rt. 20 but I actually didn't get agitated! For those of
you who've driven with me, you know I'm terrible in
traffice..I can't stand it. But driving to school today
was the only time I got to think about Jeff. So I actually
sat in traffic with a smile on my face! =-)

Plus I had a feeling Jeff would call me today. See, I tell
him to call me at 5 so we can talk as I drive to school,
but something always cmoes up and either he forgets, falls
asleep or is out. But today I had a good feeling and he
called as I reached Rt. 21.

So we talked for a good half hour..exchanged stories about
our day and about the weird things they talked about on the
Opie & Anthony show. He also got the card I sent him in
the mail. ... It was just a lil cute thinking of you card
and I wrote a lil invitation for next Wednesday. See
Wednesday's gonna be "our day" before he leaves for his I think we need it. So that should be nice.

So we talked and talked and then I headed over to the
computer lab to check my mail and then went to nite stuff...I got out at 8:30 again today,
woohoo...And I turn on my phone to find I've got a
voicemail, but it was just from my sister saying they were
going to my aunt's house and to meet them there for dinner.

I got there just in time..dinner was pretty good [my aunt
isn't that great a cook so this is a compliment!]...then my
dad mom and sister went home early and I took everyone else
back at 10.

But the reason I'm writing this so late is the Atlanta aunt
and uncle are leaving tomorrow [I'm taking them to the
airport] my sister and I stayed up and talked to them
til midnite...we made up for 12 years worth of
conversation...It was really nice...

And now I'm online talking to my favorite person [Jeff of
course] lemme go focus my attention on him! Hope I
haven't bored you!...Tomorrow will be a sad morning! =-(

Well, you're hear about it later!

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