2001-06-08 04:35:52 (UTC)

My Life!


Well, things i guess are going fine. i graduated high
school in may!!! I am taking summer classes at a community
college; it sucks oh so very badly!! I don't have classes
on fridays so that helps.

Ever since graduation i feel very wierd when around my high
school friends. I don't know whether it is i am just
getting more mature than the constant drinking and partying
or whether i am getting stuck up. I hope it isn't option
number 2. I am a totally different person in my college
classes then i was in high school. I feel more competitive
with the students in college then the students in high
school. I feel like none of my high school friends seem to
want to try and succeed in the future. And that is all i
really care about at this time (my future). Two of my
friends are in serious relationships so they are totally
connected at the hip with their boyfriends. The others
just seem to want to get high and drunk. I wanted to have
a little fun last friday, but they wanted to have fun
saturday, sunday and monday! I just feel i don't want to
waste or waste my body doing that constantly. i sometimes
think i am maybe better than them because i do try and
succeed and they don't (don't try but seemed to succeed).
I don't understand how i could be stuck up. I have changed
a lot since the end of school and do think about things and
how i want things to happen.

Please tell me if i am being stuck up. I want the truth.