2002-05-16 03:16:33 (UTC)

help me overweight sad crying for first time 5 months

i'm overweight- 2o lbs i just found out bcuz today my mom
gave me a heatlh talk...no one understands try being short
and overweight, I need SOMEONE who is in the same sitation
to help me, it's hard...people are mean...they call me
anorexic oxymoron...:-( It hurts me.....and they have been
talking 24/7/365 about my weight. I work out at the gym, at
least twice a week, I eat heathly, and the STUPID KIDS at
school STUPID all of them, and skinny well except for a
few, but I'm sooooo ugly, and fat and the other fat perseon
gives me a hard time about my cheast...and my hair, and
this. and no boys will ever understand why it's sooo wrong
to be mean to the shortest and fatest...I'm crying I have
never cried this much before well onlySERIUOSLLY this much
5 times - once when my great-grandmother died, when my cat
died, when someone was soo fucking mean to me I also died
of there meaness, and today I'm sooooo sad...I can't bear
it anymore,I'm not talking to my mom about it...not my
thepist...but I will talk to some kid..around my age and is
in the same situtaion..I dont want to live..well i do so
can grow up and this years will be over with...but I'm
don't want to go to school tommorrow I'm going to live a
lonely person next year....I'm never going to live in
WORCESTER or the surburbs those place suck and the people
suck......help me ....help me