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2002-05-16 02:48:24 (UTC)

Good day

I'm actually feeling happy right now! It's great! I forgot
how good i could feel. My class pull off this great senior
prank monday. We turned part of our school into a lake. It
was so much fun. And we all spent the night there i got to
spend good time with people and got a beer Damn that felt
soooooo good. I forgot how good i feel when i drink. and
then i got to talk to *superman* andeven though my fucking
motor wouldn't work i feel so good...so at peace...when i
talk to hm i just feel so much happier i wish i could just
tell him "i want whatever you want you want to be just
friends fine that's what it'll be and i'll never push for
more you want to go out i'd be down with that too" Oh well i
also think mr. now is going to break up with me. I don't
know when but i think he's had enough of me or lack there of.
On a not happy note i am feeling unattractive but i'm not
dwelling on it i got some really cute pictures of me so i'm
happy. Wow i'm just a little high right now. I can't wait
for this school year to be over so i can party!!!


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