GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
2002-05-16 02:46:10 (UTC)

i got out of school! my life sux!!!

well today is the last day of school and i am pretty happy.
today we got out at like 12:45. i was really excited and
happy that the school year was over. well this is my first
entry and all so i dont really know what to talk about.i
guess i will just talk about what is goin on in my life.
well recently i have have dated this guy named bo. i broke
up w/ him and i the night b4 i broke up w/ him i sort of
cheated on him w/ this guy named chris. we hooked up and it
was awsome. i liked him ever since. well i didnt hear from
chris for like a few days and i kind of liked this other
guy named madison so he asked me out and i decided that i
wanted to go out w/ him cuz i didnt think that chris liked
me. well the day after i started dating madison i was
talkin 2 chris online and he told me that he did like me
and i was like omgosh! i got mad cuz i really liked chris
but i also liked madison. well i have been talkin to chris
and madison but i dont know which one i like more. actually
i do know which one i like more i just dont know how to
only go out w/ one w/o breaking the other ones heart. okay
here is a comparison

madison chris

good: madiosn is so sweet good: chris is awsome. he is
and he is really nice so sweet and i like him a
and is also very cute lot. he is really cute and
he is really easy to talk
bad: madison has done some to.
bad stuff. he has smoked
weed and he drinks. bad:chris deals weed but he
i dont like that very much does not smoke it.

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