Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-16 02:11:43 (UTC)


i hate it all. everything whuz fine until i started
thinkin'. jenn and steph and brent and andrew came ova
today. i dunno andrew kept tryin' to do "stuff" wit me. and
it just whuzn't right. i dunno i just dont wanna do dat
shit. i aint like dat. and da only reason he likez me is
cuz he thinkz he'z gonna get sum. me and everyone else knoz
dat. itz just sad datz da only reason he likez me. dat
pretty much lowered my self-esteem ALOT. and now i cant
stop thinkin bout it. and brentz botherin' me bout not
likin' andrew. da thing is i do like him but not like he
likez me....which is da sad part. and anotha thing jenn and steph are
pissed, dey say dey aint but dey aint talking much and all dat, and
earlier i asked dem why dey looked so pissed and dey were like cuz we
wanted andrew and u have him. and dey saw my on him and now dey
probly think i'z a hoe, but i'm gonna smile and keep
a straight face, and pretend it dont botha me...bcuz i just
sick of tryin' sick of dealing wit it all.