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2002-05-16 01:48:08 (UTC)

unicorns, sperm, and ice cream machines

*sigh* im not really in the mood to write.
im talking to jonny right hes not very
im so confused. john called me. we talked for a looong
time. idk what imma do about that! i really wanna bf! i
dont at the same time tho (if that makes sense to anyone
else). i wanna be in a relationship but at the same time i
just wanna have fun! ya know?
teehehe. today was actually an okay day. in 3rd they had
the year long honor roll assembly so it was just me, nick,
jenn kriner, mario, eric, and paul. we took a test then
nick and mario started playing paper connect 4. they SUCK!
they were havin a 3/5. nick REALLY
sucked! lol. mario won and i played him. we only got to
play 3 games but i won 2.
at lunch, jay didnt have any $ so i bought him fries and a
drink. while we were in line, i bumped into the ice cream
machine. i was like 'hey...that ice cream machine just
touched my ass' and he was like 'im jealous' it was soo
funny. lunch was CRAZY! im suprised it didnt turn into like
a riot or something! craig was...idk...drugs? lol. they
were throwin food and stuff like normal then someone
started the 'penis game' (where someone says penis then the
next person says it louder and so on till u get in trouble)
that had a buncha ppl starin at us then they started
throwin my glittery playdough around (craig claimed it
was 'squirrel poop') then they started the 'hey' thing.
like our whole tanle was screaming 'hey' over and over and
everyone was starin at us. the lady said she was
gonna 'seperate us' if we didnt behave lol. then tiffany
threw a fry at joey from across the cafeteria. eventually a
chicken sandwhich hit andres and landed on the floor. craig
picked it up, stood up, faced the cafteria and ate it. it
was soooo gross! everyone around our table (like 1/4 of the
cafeteria) was staring...they all looked like they were
gonna throw up. i couldnt stop laughing.
mrs anus was actually nice to us in 6th. weirdness.
my bro called tonight :-) i answered the phone so i
actually got to talk to him. its been 3 months :-(. hes
been in for about 18 now. jeesh. allison is trying to
terminate his parental rights. bitch. speaking of
neices...brittnee is gonna be here in like 2 weeks :-D.
john. *sigh* idk. im so confused. we talked about like
everything. i didnt wanna talk over the phone but oh well.
he wants to hang out sometime so we can talk. i get my car
back friday so maybe this weekend :-/. he really wants to
get back together. *sigh* he was like 'the choice is urs'.
i cant make decisions!!! help! i think my biggest problem
(other then him being really immature and occasionally just
being an asshole) is that hes not one of my 3. oh well. no
more thinking! gah!
i gotta go do the dishes now :-(
and so my proliferate readers. i bid thee a goodnight!
my new sn: ReizvolleKatze :-)

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