Forever a day
2001-06-08 03:56:41 (UTC)

In the beginning

Let's see....Single parent....somewhat single...have a
boyfriend of a year and six months or so and confused;
been confused for several years now. I thought to myself
that this diary is where I should put my feelings down and
be honest but even my first three entries have
been ...well..forget it goes.

First about me....I am 28 years old...I am somewhat single
with a daughter whose name is Briana. She's six. I am an
LVN who is trying to make it to get my RN degree.

I am hispanic...clear complexion...big brown eyes...always
been told I have a pretty smile(thanks to mom and dad
spending three grand on braces). I have somewhat of a
round face and full lips. I have always believed that I
have a decent body. I was in the army for a time and then I
got married to a tall white man that fulfilled all my
dreams...than one day we just fell out of love. I left
him and went to live with my folks and raised my 11 month
old daughter. I love to smile and I love to laugh. I love
to be spontaneous.

I am as i said single in some ways but very taken by a man a met a
long time ago and then met again only to fall in love with him.

I have many dreams which I intend to live out completely by myself
or with him I hope. More to come...