No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-06-08 03:56:36 (UTC)

I m about to go to Mexico!..

I'm about to go to Mexico! tommorrow might i have a going
away dinner and were leaving Saturday morning at 4 am.
Well, i like this guy Daniel and just told him! Go ME!

jumpfallsplat: before we do, i'm gunna tell you this
straight up...i really like you
jumpfallsplat: if you didnt know
Outwhittme1983: i was thinkin so
jumpfallsplat: ok
jumpfallsplat: just to be straight up
Outwhittme1983: thankz
jumpfallsplat: ur welcome
Outwhittme1983: you seem like a nice girl, seriously...i
thinkyour kool
jumpfallsplat: thats good
jumpfallsplat: now wheres the but part?
Outwhittme1983: lol...there is none
jumpfallsplat: really?
jumpfallsplat: wow!
jumpfallsplat: thats amazing
Outwhittme1983: lol
Outwhittme1983: sorry...i could make one real quick
jumpfallsplat: usually there is one
jumpfallsplat: u dont have to
Outwhittme1983: ok
Outwhittme1983: good
jumpfallsplat: yeah

okay and stuff. Watch him read this. ha-ha! i'd laugh.
Well, gatta get ready for my missions trip. I need prayer
if you can! thanks!

i read this and wanted to say taht i do not like daniel anymore and
am glad he is with jess!!!!

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