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2002-05-16 01:18:36 (UTC)

Missing Feeling

I have this weird missing feeling ever since me and beth
got back from san antonio. i dont know what it is, i'm sure
that the first day it was just cause we werent in san
antonio anymore. But it's wednesday and I still have this
feeling. I talked to Joe about it last night and i was
telling him i really don't know why i feel this way, and
he's like i'm sure you could figure it out if you thought
about it. but that's all i've been doing is thinking about
what is making me feel this way and i can understand it!
Also to top things off, i have to skip days of taking my
drugs. My mom told me that until i can get back to the
doctor on monday that i have to make the rest last and
since there is only three left i have to skip days and take
a pill every other day. I don;t know how tomorrow will go,
i have this weird feeling and i can't even take my medicine
to make it go away (which it hasn't been doing but i still
try) I'm going to see my mom this weekend. It's her and my
dad's birthday this saturday and Miles is coming up here to
see my dad and my mom is coming to get me friday after
school, so i can see her and conner and jimmy, i really
miss them too, so maybe after i see them i will feel a
little better. I wish i could wanna see them this bad when
i lived with them, then we wouldn't get in as many fights.
Oh well, i really need to do my review sheets for finals
next week. We get out of school next thursday, the 23rd.
I'm so waiting for it. I have to do summer school at night
though every tuesday and thursday for a little while this
summer but at least i will get to relaz before i have to
start that.