Randi Lynn

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2002-05-16 00:51:16 (UTC)

The guy who sits next to me in..

The guy who sits next to me in comptuer lass called me a
lesbian. he had this plastic figureine..amy dude thing, a
tiny one, and i asked him if it was his friend..cuz he was
playing with it, and he said "yeah" and i asked him fi it
talks to him..and he said "yeah" and so i asked him what it
says and he said "You're a lesbian" and then the bell
rang..i thought that was kinda mean...i was happy today,
obviously because i couldnt stop laughing. I wasent quite
myself today either. also..I drove today, i think i did
pretty good, although i noticed my mom gabbing the sides of
the car th way my driver ed teacher did..but he did it as a
joke. my mom keeps making teasing comments about my
driving. Im getting better thoguh, ive managed to maintain
speed and stay in my own lane, and pull out fast enough so
that my mother doesnt yell at me.
I swear tinas trying to play match maker. She keeps telling
me about all these guys at her school, Adn saying "You
should go otu with him, He's your type" and I ask her how
she knows what my type is when i dont. i dont remember what
she said. But shes mentioned about 5 guys already and said
they're all my type. Says a couple of them are kinda crazy
like me. says another one has never had a girlfriend, and
she goes "and you kidna never ahd a boyfriend..except for
fred..but really, randi, I wouldnt count him as a
boyfriend" and she said that we both have cats...I said
Wow. She said that me anf freddy's kiss wasent a "real"
kiss. she said me and this guy are kidna alike becuse the
only thign he's ever kissed was his cat! he hasent even
kised his mom or anything..At least that what he told her
and some other people. I want a Guy i can talk to and not
be afraid. with Tanya i can talk to, but not about real
issues, with tina i can really talk to, and Ill tell her
anything. Anything at all..i want someone i can tell
anything to. And i want him to be able to tell me anything.
Now i admit that i laugh too much, but i cant help it..I
cant stop myself from laughing. Some people get annoyed
when i laugh becaus ei laugh so much, other people lvoe it
when i laugh. I try to avoid laughing. But I cant. I just
I Had another tick on me today. Ive had about 7 actully,
tis horirble..i eman 7 within the past week or so. my cat
keeps bringing them in. They're out to get me. The cat gets
them into my bed and they climb onto me, the ticks, i mean.
my brothers tlakign on the phone to his girlfrined. His
girlfrineds bother is hott. And he seems nice. I havent
really talk to him though. Someone online just said that i
sometimes act like a ditz. also said i somethimes act
immature, and sometimes mature, sometime smart and
sometimes dumb, sometimes like a ten year old and sometimes
like a 20 year old. wow i have a really offset personality.
my brother jimmy has A couple really cute friends. Not that
that has anythign to do with anything. my mom was teasing
me,we were listeing to tis song on the radio called "meet
Virginia"..well, i gotat go, my bro wants on. bye bye.

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