The life of me
2001-06-08 03:39:15 (UTC)

The summer thus far...

((This is my first time doing this, it is really only
because I am bored, I don't know who is going to read this
but, I am not sure if it will last long, so whatever, but
if you want to read it feel free, but I can't promise it to
appeal to you all that much...))

Being home is different now, after I spent my first summer
away at college... It feels like I don't really belong here
anymore. I mean don't get me wrong I love my family and
all, but It just seems like their lives moved on like I did
with mine, when I went away to school...

Speaking of school... I miss it badly. Well not all the
work of course but all of my friends. We had some good
times this year, which I wish I could have written down in
here for all of you, but .. well the only reason I am doing
this in the first place is because I am bored.. soo..

I haven't really did a lot of things with my friends since
I have been home. My friend Brian had a party the other
day, which was a lot of fun, but other than that I pretty
much only hang out with Angela, who is like one of my best
friends.. ( we go to school together). I haven't even
really been with her all that much either though, it's
really just me at her house hanging out with her mother..
I guess its kind of the same way with my friends from home
as it is with my family. I sense the distance that has
grown between us, being away from each other for the school

I have a new job this summer, well at least until camp
starts... I am a telemarketer.. and believe me it sucks...
I hate talking on the phone, let alone talking to people I
don't even know trying to sell them something, when they
tend to bite your head off.. anyways.. I don't care, I am
just happy I don't have to work there much longer....

I got an invitation to go to my cousins housewarming bbq
party today in Buffalo, so I am really excited for that..
Its on the 23, but I am staying for the weekend. It's the
weekend right before camp, so I will be really busy... but
I definately am going. I went there for my 19th birthday,
which was on may 11, and I stayed for the whole weekend.
His friends and him took me to Canada ... eh.. where I can
drink legaly.. and man that was great, and I saw someone
from school out there too, which was wierd.. well actually
he goes to the school down the road from me but anyways...
But the weekend was definately a good time, so I am really
excited to go again soon.

Well... all and all, you can see the summer has been pretty
uneventfull thus far. I hope it gets better, or at least
the weather does... Well thats it for now...
Later B.M.