2001-06-08 03:30:13 (UTC)

Nuttin Much

Emotion: Weird
Diary Log: #3
Reality Check: I have MAJOR problems with boys
Prior Entry: Doctor/Chat with Timmy :)
Thinking Of: Peeling my sunburn
Whoç—´ online: Linds, Emma, & Paula
Word of the Day: dis-in-ter(dis'in ter') vt. -terred', -
ter'ring to remove from a grave, etc.

I didn't write yesterday cuz I had 'bonding time'(aka
bore 'Lucy'{nickname for one of my nicknames...i know,
confusing} to death time) with my mother. We watched the
dumbest movie! (Best In Show) If you've seen it, do you
agree that everyone in the movie has mental problems
(especially the couple with the...what's it called...that
big dog, that had issues, with that bumble bee)? Those who
haven't seen it, don't see it, and consider yourselves
I've been reading ::shock:: a novel ::bigger shock:: of my
mom's ::near fainting from shock::. I like mystery books
that have a bit of romance to them. Like the good R.L.
Stine books (NOT THE GOOSEBUMPS SERIES!!!!!)...anyway, like
i was saying, I'm reading my mom's romance novels. The one
I'm reading isn't too bad so far. The leader got a boner
because of this one lady. I thought it was funny cuz the
book said it like 'he noticed a physical change with his
body'. Ha, anywho, I'm going to go to bed now, actually I'm
just gonna go read, but I'll be in my bed so ya know, same
thing. Peace.