The Days of My Life
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2002-05-16 00:01:39 (UTC)

About Lindy

Well today was normal i guess. But Lindy still isn't
talking to me. Hers the story between me & her. Along time
ago she told me she liked me but I was already seeing
somebody and I messed around with her for awhile. Then i
just told her I wanted to be friends and she was mad or
whatever because I wanted to just be wit hthe person I was
originally with. Then we didn't talk for awhile. Then she
started going out with someone else. One night we were both
at this party and a bunch of people were jumping on the
trampoline and I kept falling on top of her on purpose
because I still liked her. And we started talking after
that night and she was still going out with someone. And I
was cool with it because I was talking to someone else too.
All that week she told me she was gonna break up wit hthe
person she was going out with to be wit me and I was happy
because I was really starting to like her and I wanted to
be with her too. But then a day after Valentine's day she
said she only wnated to be friends and nothing else. I ws
so upset I cried because I really liked her. Well I went
back to the person I was with and of course I wasn't happy
because I wanted to be with Lindy. Somehow I made her made
at me again and we didn't talk for awhile again. Well I
kept telling her how i felt about her for about two and a
half months she didn't want me to tell her i liked her for
some reason. I don't like her anymre though because lately
shes been acting different. Now for some reason she don't
even talk to me at all I just wanna be her friend I guess
she don't care. Im sorry for whatever I did to her.