my life
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2002-05-15 23:49:37 (UTC)

backgrounf info

hey ppl ok so this isnt an entry but its for anyone wanting
to understand my stories better.this explains who almost
everyone is::

Lindsay- best friend since 2nd grade. just like me my sis
spend most my time with her. shes awesome and almost the
only person who understands me all the time. she wild n
crazy a second me but enough change to make it all ok.

Ash- known her since 5th we use to not talk at all and
hated each other. but this year we have became pretty
close. some difference but its all good.

Amy and jen- knew both of them since 5th 2. talked to them
on and off but this year weve became buddies. they cool n
wild things

Chris- i knew her since 4th grade. didnt talk to her intill
5th but me n christine have alot in common. get us together
and we are together for the rest of the time. i have never
got in a fight with her tho its hard to get mad at chris

Garrett- i was real tight with him back in 6th. he was in
my homebase and probably the only sane person to talk to.
hes really cool and i can always rely on buddy for

Justin- i knew him since uhh probably 5th or 4th. sometimes
im in love with him and other i want to slit is throat.hes
pretty cool and trust worthy.can go low sometimes.

Thomas- ohh jeez alright met him this year and we got
pretty close then we had this huge fight because we liked
each other but had probelms telling each other and ohhh
jeez long story........

kayleigh- lindsays sis..known her forever didnt start
getting close to her until last few years. but now shes
like my big sis i love her

shanni- kayleighs friend and now one of my close close buds
shes also like my big sis love ya faula!

ill talk more later getting tired--------

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