The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-05-15 23:42:04 (UTC)

Silly thoughts run through my head

Today I made some friends; my very first. Yay for my intact social
skills. Yay for the youth of Pittsburgh.

One of them is Sara, the other intern at the education
department at the Warhol. She speaks of Pittsburgh in such
a way that she could be Steven "Mr. Pittsburgh" Paulovich's
hip young punk-rock niece: Pittsburgh, they both proclaim,
is a city of cultural wonders, endless gallery space,
godlike local rock bands, wondrous aesthetic feats and $5
all-night bowling parties. She assured me I would not be
bored. She seems to be a good friend to have, culturally

The other is the Girl Who Works at the Restaurant Down the
Street From the Museum. She didn't tell me her name. But
she did prove that the White Stripes have done more for me
personally than any other rock band: I was walking to work,
she was sitting outside smoking, and as I walk past, blurts
almost hysterically "Did you see them when they came to
town?" I was wearnig two other buttons beside the White
Stripes one, and I ruled out that she would be talking
about the Minutemen (broke up 15 yrs. ago) and the
Realistics (too obscure). I explained I was new in town, I
saw them elsewhere, how are you? Fine, where do you hang
out? Nowhere, I just got here, but I live in Regent Square.
There's this nice bar in so-and-so, nearby you, it's nice,
not too crazy, I like bars where I can do my homework.
That's great, I'm interning right there at the Warhol, do
you work here? Yes I do, it's just a summer job I swear,
I'll see you later then, sorry to jump at you like that but
I never get to meet anyone cool. Ha ha ha, bye!

So, splendid!

These are friends that I will hang out with. These are
friends that will NOT be pursused with romantic involvement
in mind. Therefore, these are friends with whom I will have
richly rewarding relationships. This seems to be the way my
universe will have to be ordered at this particular time.


UPDATE, AUGUST 20, 2002:

The funny thing is, I never even SAW the Girl Who Works at the
Restaurant Down the Street From the Museum again. Ha ha! Oh well!