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2001-06-08 01:50:52 (UTC)


Well another boring day..Not much accomplished..Still
lost..just had a brief conversation with a former "FTF"..
Reason were no longer "FTF's" i got bored & wanted more
other than "FTF's"...Let me explain this person. He's in
his later 20's..set in his career..very
guy is just as lost as I am...Seems like a very serious
typical business man...on the other hand i think he's
rather hilarious, sincere, full of shit...he's like a world
class rated 5 star dessert if that makes sense...looks to
scary to touch or taste but once you get a taste of it its
like daym...oh i need to shut yea very cool
guy...the type of friend you could just spend the day
relaxing watch couple movies n be bored
as far as relationship wise nah...

Hey engineers are some smart asses...always need to keep a
dictionary near by..hehe..

We'll been asking for advice...some pretty hilarious
friends i got here...but there the best ever...what would i
do without them..since i have no family near by...

One told me the other day that "Don't be desperate, but

Another, "You ever heard of the word R I S K"

In my reply i said fuck

I need some new books to read here i think i've read every
single one atleast 5times. Can't seem to find a really good
novel..something that can relate to me...its like once i
enter first place i set off to is the kuma

alright we'll Im off to work..but maybe tomorrow try to
stop by a floral shop have something delievered to a friend
to cheer him up...