my life
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2002-05-15 21:02:25 (UTC)

just when you think your as tight as can be

this makes me so mad.She calls me her best friend. says i
know everything about her and that i mean a lot to her.
yeah sure. blames me for not telling her anything ab
anything. so my buddy calls me up and tells me he kinda
likes brandi (kelseys true best friend) so i figure id tell
kels. garrett wants me to set him up with brandi and stuff.
i tell that to kels but tell her not to tell anyone. so 4th
peiord i pass a note to brandi about it and she replys back
yeah i know the whole story kels told me. omg thanks kels
now do u know why i dont say a lot to u. that made me so
mad. plus her n kendall. yeah whole other story. she breaks
him and his girl-friend up after she has been all up on him
the last few months.says shes tired of being "played". but
what did she say yesterday? I LOVE KENDALL i want to flirt
with him again and like it was back when he was goin out
with jessica. and thats all ive heard ab the last 6 months
kendall kendall kendall when im having a bad day and need
her to be there for me where is she? in kendall world. i
spill my heart out and start to get teary and she goes its
ok i love u now help me with kendall. gawd why dont she
just shut up im tired of it. does anyone see what i