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2002-05-15 20:05:41 (UTC)


Oh my god girl I knew it. I know I've never used names on
this before but..........Carolyn said that she sent you and
e-mail and it said that your e-mail address could not be
found. I bet you a million dollars that he did something
to it. Somehow he blocked people out. I know you said
that you got something from your friend, but he probably
didn't block out everybody. Did you recieve anything from
Kathleen? Remember when I told you that she was asking for
your address? Thats odd huh? If you want, you can get a
hold of me and I could get on the computer and we could try
to figure this out. As for me, I feel a little better, but
not 100%. You probably don't want to see me now huh? I
hate it when I have a chance to see you, but something gets
in the way. But, if it doesn't bother you too much, I'd
really love to see you. I took care of myself like you told
me to do last night. It doesn't do a lot of good though
coz IT starts up the next morning.(hahaha) You turn me on
endlessly. Well, I anxiously await your reply. If I don't
hear from you then I'll still be dreaming about you. Love
you girl. BYE!!