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2002-05-15 19:41:46 (UTC)

Next Year and "sexy" flirters/virgins

I'm so worried about next year..See this is what will happend..for example
today we went on a class trip to see a play right? we saw Macbeth..but anyways
Sonya and Meredith sat with Howie and Phil and sonya was sticking her cheast
in his faces, and so tottaly flirting with him. I heared her say I'm sooooo
sexy. Yeah okay whatever sonya. But she's being nice to me or is she really and
is just playing a game with my mind wasn't it yesterday she was such a total
bitch to me. She's not going to mess with me that is for certain. So next year,
sonya, meredith, rita, arielle, and ruthie will steal howie and phil. Leaving
me in the dust emma and paulette are nice sometimes, but one is going crazy and
I can't depend on her for anything at all, and the other gives me a headache
sometimes. People just don't uinderstand whats it like to be 4 10 and I'm not
going to grow anymore. we saw Macbeth today, it was sick...because they was a
scene were the wre touching each other, and kissing. and then at the end the
had q and a sesion, and one of the girls asked if the boys used woodblocks (
which were used to make the u know what look bigger) and the guy was like Nope
what u see up here is all real. They had two little kids in the play, they were
both soooo cute. Sonya thinks she is soooo sexy...and has really big cheast,
and fluents and meredith thinks she has like no cheast and is 20 lbs. and were
tighter and tight clothes..but know is as bad as arielle sometimes she dresses
like a complete SLUT and like today is was just so fucking gross...fuck I
swear a lot but it's me, and I'm not going to stop just because it bothers some
fat ass teacher. I have to present in Spanish tommorrow I'm sooo fucking
nervous I'm not quite sure what I should do but oh well. Life is like that
sometimes and things can be really hard for people like me and I wanted to big
cool that's all. but I love being a lone hell i could spend a whole day a
lone, weeks, and maybe moths with my tv, and computer, and pencils and paper,
and magazine and a tredmill and FOOD I could livei n my room alone for ever. I
would like it alot actulley. write now I'm writing about queen elsiabeth.
virgina was named for her because one of her likke 102 nicknames is the Virgin
Queen but she wasn't a virgin she had sex when she was 12, well I not going to
have sex for a long time. one of the girls in the middle school people are
betting when she going to have sex personally I think that's kind of mean. but
she lets people touch her cheast, even though they make look like a mistake,
and one kid but her keys on his croch laid down and she picked them up and she
let Mr. Player the 3rd put his hand on her knee. I think she will lose it this
summer or at least before 10th grade, that's just too fucking young she stupid
she's smart but her looks will kill her b3elieve me
Listen I g2g