my thoughts
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2001-06-07 22:36:15 (UTC)


well yah today was pretty boring. And it made me mad cause i
can't get my stupid yearbook! I can only get it after school
but i don't have a stupid 6th per. So basically I'm like
never gonna get it! errg. If i could just get it before
school that would be sooo much easier. oh well...I like
Green Day, they are a good band. I'm listening to them, I
want to get like at least one of their cd's but then i never
do, go figure. Abrah didn't come to school today but oh
wells, i ate lunch with cameron, giselle, joey, and andrea.
It was nice. But hot, i'm surprised i didn't get sunburned
from sitting in the sun. I am so sick of school! only like 5
days left! We get out one week from today...woohoo...except
I have so much hw and studying that i need to do this
weekend. And my dad is gonna be gone this weekend. of course
it had to be this weekend when i have stuff to do. couldnt
he be gone like next weekend? that woulda worked out much
much better. but that's life. I think life is just like a
conspiracy against me like seriously. Nothing goes the way i
want it to. It's all just conspiring against me...haha yah
that's a bunch of bullshit. but whatever. Well anyways yah i
have gym later. I like gym, keeps my mind off of everything
and everyone there is so awesome! I love them all. And it's
thursday too. So i think we have dance, yay! But newho yah i
guess i will be going now...adios