No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-15 19:09:46 (UTC)

this will be good

Well, I promised 2 people, and myself that I would tell the
person I like how I feel today. *sigh* I'm scared. lol. I
think he likes me too, he send the signals. I just hope
it's not just becasue we are close. This is my horoscope:

Gemini The Twins (May21-June21)That dynamic Mars/Venus
energy in your first house has you shining like a beacon.
You’re ready to find the perfect mate, that lost twin that
you’ve been searching for all this time. This powerful
conjunction trines Uranus so unexpected turns in the road
could land you on the lap of someone quite interesting,
indeed. Watch out for those emotions though, the moon
slips into the watery depths of Cancer so it’s wise to pay
attention to the state of your heart. Some of your
strangest dreams could come true, prepare for a wild ride.

Kinda gives me support and makes me more optimistic. Well,
you un-lucky guy :) you will hear from me soon! I'll update
you guys on how it all goes! Love you!

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