The Useless Drag of Another Day
2001-06-07 21:00:52 (UTC)

june 7, 3:35 p.m. song of the..

june 7, 3:35 p.m.
song of the moment: katy song by red house painters

i cant remember the last time it rained so much. i'm glad
its raining so much because it gives me a chance to think
and sort out things and all. its wonderful to have to do
nothing but think and stare at the rain and try to figure
out which direction it's falling from. i can never do that.
i cant concentrate on it long enough to figure it out. its
like if youre looking at rain its impossible to watch one
drop in particular fall. but you know theyre there. you see
them when they hit the ground. it made me think of this
poem i like called "in the station of the metro". the rain
always reminds me about it. its like you cant pick out a
particular raindrop, you always view it as just a big mass.
and its so difficult to pick out just one person. in the
poem peoples faces in a crowd are compared to petals on a
branch. and how even though its difficult to pick out just
one face or petal theyre each unique. yet all the same. the
rain made me thought of that. i wished that i could pick
out just one raindrop, and appreciate it for just that. for
the miracle of being one perfect raindrop. i mean
everything that goes into one raindrop. the way it sticks
together. everything. i want to appreciate every single
person that way. its amazing how complex people are. yet
they're all the same. yet still vastly different. no matter
how jaded i become, that will always amaze me...love peace
empathy mischief desire and gladness always