ramblings from a 'hollie'
2002-05-15 13:35:49 (UTC)

Made it to Paradise

Thank God for jet planes. figures he would curse me at the
same time. the most annoying thing is to fly and not have
your ears pop. I cried on the desent. I scared the
Japanese guy next to me. But the flight attendant gave me
a warm towel to put over my ears and I guess I felt
better. Bree picked me up at the airport and of course
Dave was there. I swear he is the cutest guy on Guam. Hes
been picking me up and taking me around the island.
Various beaches and the sorts. Me and Bree went to a titty
bar. Im accually old enough to have fun here. She knew
some of the girls so we played dress up. Boyfriend calls
all the time and asks if I can go out with him. I met his
wife today. She seemed irritated. I dont want to get
caught and not be able to be with him. I think he likes me
more than her...but I know Im not going to matter when he
goes home for good. Im just enjoying my happiness while
its attainable. I try not to think about how he really
makes me feel...and I know when I admit to it that it will
evaporate into the nothing that it is. I will save it all
for now and cast it away in the wind when he goes.