Autumn Always
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2002-05-15 12:20:41 (UTC)


Am I really done? I can hardly believe it. The house...
looks fabulous. Like something out of a catalouge. It looks
amazing. I can hardly believe it myself. After busting my
ass all week it is finaly complete, well I just have to
reattach the pillows I recovered to the dining room chairs
but thats it. I am so excited. I can't WAIT for mom to get
home today. I'm so anxious to show her. The carpet people
came yesterday and put the carpet in. It's sort of the
clour of coffee with too much milk. It's lovely. The walls
are called Plantation Beige and the trim is white. I put a
lovely border around the kitchen, it's all grapes in
burgandys greens and browns. I covered all the light
switches and vents in sculpted brass covers. I bought light
green fabric and cream and made curtians and table covers.
I pulled out all the lovely crystal bowls we had sitting in
dark cabinates and displayed them tastefully all over. I
made an arrangement on top of the china cabinate, and a
centerpiece for the kitchen table, I scattered all the
unique tea cups from the teacup collection among the plants
and I bought new blinds for the windows. I scrubbed the
house from top to bottom. It looks.... amazing. I am so
proud of myself it's almost disgusting. What a sense of
accomplishment!!! The first day I went into home depo I
felt like I had landed on another planet. I had no idea
where the hell anything was. By the end of the week and my
cagillllianth trip there I walk in and people wave to me.
How weird;p But now I know why home depo is so great. And
everyone has been so wonderfull helping me. At night when
I've been exhuasted beyond words Aaron's come over and
brought me soda and food and tucked me into bed. And steve
even made a custom cover for my cable outlet. The helped me
move some of the heavier things and were there when I
needed them. My grandmother helped me clean the gigantic
mess of ungoddly praportions and then wash everything once
we were done. My Aunt helped me put up the border and
organize things. Everyone has been absolutly wonderfull.
I'm beyond thrilled. I hope mom likes it. So now I'm going
to go reattach my chairs, get some food and wait anxiously
for them to arrive!!!