2002-05-15 09:01:52 (UTC)


whoever created this fuckin website is a genius who needs
to fucked by someone who can understand his every need
desire and wish...hmmm wonder who that might whats
the hold try to put u in the back of mind so
i can concentrate on reality whatever the fuck that is but
every second that passes i want u more and more...maybe
its because i cant have u that makes me want u
more...maybe i just love you...why r we playing games...u
know i could never deny u...i could never leave u or
betray u...u are the owner of my one
one can ever take that from u...i am yours...please just
tell me what u want. what is it thats keeping us from
being together.please tell me...i do not understand..i
love u so much.i want to come on here every day and just
say that but it is so cheesy and i dont like to appear
weak..but u know..i am so submissive for u..i want u to
find me..i want u to own me because i know u will give
me what i really really good
sex/love...only i can satisfy u so please let me...when???
how long must i wait...u knw i love u.....please do not
doubt hurts me to think that u think i could ever
not love u as much as u do me...i am scared of u because i
love u...if i stay away i can try to forgett that i love
u...but it doesnt work...i still love u with everything i
can give u..i give u my life..please be careful with it..i
will revirgin myself for u...becaus i want to..i want to
give u everything..i want u to need me because i need u so hurts to feel abandoned like is
cold..please make me warm again.....i love u so much. how
many ways can i say this..i just want to desire me so much
that we will be together because u can not live without
me..i do not want to think that u could go on without comehome to u again.lovelovelovelovelove.i wait for
u in lonely silence.i wait for your reponse with anxiety
and your word could save my life and help me
make sense of are my inspiration..we r so
good together..please tell me more.heal
me.need me.go with me.....