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2002-05-15 05:19:44 (UTC)

Pet dogs - to the rescue

These days I was in business. Yesterday May 15th 2002 a
Tuesday some people decided to take some action about
other kind life. They thought it was good for pet dogs
if they had not much sorrow. And after heard some
professional advice they will take pet dog to the doctor
office. Maybe by good will but good will things are just
a face of what good people tried to defeat. It is nice
in surface but worst inside.
Sparrow lives their lives. They fly and have kids. In
few months they can fly. They are happy because they live
a life. They would be in sorrow if have not lived and
worked for their lives and their kids. It is not freedom
just to live to fly away. They have a reason to fly. And
they have a time to end. Important is the kids they had
and the class of flight they learnt.
I will show my concerns for those people. If they are not
good enought to hear they are not better than the people
that do not like pet dogs or anything else than money. That
illusion made of paper. Every people knows money is made
of time. Not true time is made of energy or work. They
tried to build a cell battery two centuries before.
It is like that people that build a data network troughout
water pipes of house using pumps. It would be funny if they
do not try to sell that service. Every people knows pipes
ends in dumps and all data would be lost.
Morning of Wednesday and I will make what I make better.
I am a hero or some people that have not seen by a love but still have a heart that deserved to be happy.